Vision and Mission

Our VisionSoldadura

  • That the state of Morelos be an inclusive community
  • That people with a disability and their social networks be recognized and valued for their gifts and talents, rather than their weaknesses and disabilities
  • That there be spaces in which we could encounter, know, and relate to one another without having to mask and hide what is imperfect or incomplete in us; recognizing that we need the other to complement ourselves, with each complement working differently in everyone; discovering that ‘difference’ is only a word and not a feeling borne from our human essence; within a structure that gives the right to education and dignified employment to people with a disability

Our Mission

  • To INFLUENCE the social representation of people with a disability
  • To INFLUENCE the workplace, creating spaces for comprehensive education
  • To CREATE vocational, technical, and informal educational training programs for people with and without a disability
  • To PROMOTE, GENERATE, and ARTICULATE comprehensive public policies with respect to the reality in which disabled people live, which are borne from the recognition of their diversity as subjects and actors in their own destiny; which respond to their needs, creating incentives to better their quality of life and civic participation
  • To FOSTER a culture of diversity, social inclusion and meaningful work

Video about our mission in English